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About the Reach Approach

Hand Reaching Out

Reach was founded in 1990 and is the longest running private practice in the UK.  Research began into the Approach in 1979 and involved numerous agencies and organisations, which included: the Probation Service, Social Services, the NHS, NACRO, St. Basil’s, The Bridge Project, Aquarius and a host of voluntary sector organisations.

The research that took place during this period focused on client outcomes and clients’ experience of working with helping organisations.  This research unveiled that clients and those in need of emotional and psychological support, whatever the problem, generally relapsed after being helped somewhere between 3 and 12 months later.

In fact, over three quarters of those who went through the doors of these helping organisations found that within that time frame, they needed help again, often with the same problem and found themselves either returning to the first organisation they’d attended or approaching another agency in the hope that it might provide a solution.

What became clear is that however well meaning those organisations were, they were often only helping the client with the presenting problem.   And once that presenting problem (symptom) was addressed, the client would move on and the organisation would feel that their job had been done.  In truth, they had become part of the ‘revolving door of therapy’ – creating a culture where someone might be helped with their addiction, their eating disorder, homelessness and related issues but in fact when those problems had been addressed and they moved on, other issues hidden by these presenting concerns, then emerged.  So, many clients enjoyed a temporary period of ‘success’ only for that to be followed by a relapse and a sense of failure.

Our interpretation of these findings is that the real problem was that the structure was flawed and the methods were wrong.   If you keep dealing with presenting issues and leave the underlying causes in place, inevitably people sooner or later will find themselves either back in the hole they thought they’d escaped from, or a new hole appears equally threatening their mental health and sense of well-being.

Our model is based on empowerment through education.  We believe a better understanding of the human condition leads to the opportunity for positive change.  A thorough exploration of our model and resources offers individuals the chance to make more informed choices about their life and the direction in which they wish to take it.

To find out more about The Reach Approach please click here  (  Here you will find a wealth of information including the latest research, handouts, videos and recommendations.  The Reach Approach is a psycho-educational model offering sustainable solutions.  

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